Best Orthodontists Near Me: Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing One

best orthodontists near me

Over four million people in the US wear braces. With orthodontic treatment, you can improve the appearance of your child’s smile. 

They could avoid complications down the road that occur due to crooked teeth, too. 

Not sure which orthodontist clinic to choose? Searching for the best orthodontists near me could leave you with hundreds of options. Make sure to ask these 10 questions during your search.

Asking these questions will ensure you’re choosing an orthodontist you can trust to help your child. Start searching with these tips today! 

1. How Long Have You Worked in the Industry?

There are now over 83,000 professionals in the orthodontist industry. Some have more experience than others, though.

Before choosing an orthodontist, make sure you’re finding a professional with years of hands-on experience. Ask each orthodontist how long they’ve worked in the industry.

A professional with years of experience will have an easier time understanding your child’s needs and goals. Then, they can customize the treatment plan based on their unique needs.

Consider how many patients they’ve treated in that time, too.

Then, ask how many patients they’ve helped who had the same issue your child is experiencing. For example, perhaps they have an overbite or underbite. Maybe they’re dealing with spacing issues.

Ask the orthodontist how they’ve helped similar patients in the past. 

An orthodontist with only a few months of experience likely hasn’t encountered every alignment issue outside of school.

Once you’ve found a few experienced orthodontists in town, learn more about their education and training. First, determine where they went to school. Consider how long ago they graduated, too.

While it’s important to find someone with experience, you don’t want to choose someone with outdated knowledge. Ask the orthodontist if they’ve continued their education over time. Determine if they’re up-to-date with new industry trends, technologies, and treatments.

Don’t forget to double-check their credentials as well. Make sure the orthodontist is licensed and certified. 

2. Do You Treat Children?

Are you looking for an orthodontist clinic for yourself, a child, or the entire family? Make sure the orthodontist you choose has experience treating children or adults, based on your needs. 

Try to find a practice that treats patients of all ages.

If you’re choosing an orthodontist for a child, make sure the orthodontist specializes in treating younger patients. They’ll know how to put your child at ease. Otherwise, the orthodontist might not know how to keep your child comfortable during appointments.

Dental anxiety might impact your child’s ability to receive the care they need.

3. What’s Your Specialty?

When searching for the best orthodontists near me, it’s important to find someone with specialized training. Orthodontists specialize in improving smiles. These specially trained dentists know how to straighten teeth.

They also know how to perform dentofacial orthopedics. In other words, these professionals can normalize the structure of your jawbones. The process can repair an imbalance in your child’s face.

All orthodontists are dentists. However, not all dentists are orthodontists. Keep that in mind during your search. 

Make sure the orthodontist you choose has the Seal of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Think about the orthodontic treatment you’re interested in for your child, too. For example, perhaps they’d prefer invisible aligners over metal braces. Try to find an orthodontist who specializes in the form of treatment you’re seeking. 

4. What Other Services Do You Offer?

Before choosing an orthodontist, consider your child’s preferences and goals. For example, perhaps you’re interested in braces with clear brackets. They might want to try Invisalign instead.

Both options could provide additional discretion throughout treatment.

Traditional metal braces, while effective for more severe cases, are more obvious. They could impact the appearance of your child’s smile.

Ask the orthodontist about the different treatment options and services they can provide.

During your consultation appointment, your orthodontist will determine if your child is an ideal candidate for each form of treatment. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of each treatment option, too. 

5. Are You Using the Latest Technology and Treatments?

Remember, it’s important to find someone with up-to-date knowledge. The best orthodontist will know of the latest technology and treatment.

For example, their equipment might include:

  • iTero 3D scans with zero radiation
  • AcceleDent Aura appliances
  • Low radiation X-rays

3D mapping can increase precision. It can also ensure your child’s teeth move efficiently, shortening treatment time. 

Ask each orthodontist clinic about the technologies they use. 

6. Can You Provide References and Reviews?

The best orthodontist will also have a strong, positive reputation in the industry. Ask if they can provide you with references and reviews. If you can, speak with three of their recent clients about their experience at the clinic.

You can feel confident choosing an orthodontist other patients have trusted in the past.  

7. Can I See Before and After Photos?

Learn more about the orthodontist’s abilities by reviewing before and after photos of their previous patients. Did the orthodontist improve the patient’s smile? 

Make sure their treatments accomplish your child’s expectations and goals.

Make sure you’re maintaining realistic expectations, though. 

8. What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

Talk to your orthodontist about the benefits of each treatment option.

For example, Invisalign is discrete. Your child can also remove the aligners to eat and drink without worry food will get stuck in metal brackets.

However, traditional metal braces are more effective for more complicated cases. Your child also won’t forget about putting their aligners back in. Instead, they’ll receive continuous treatment. 

9. How Long Will Treatment Take?

Determine how long each treatment will take, too. Remember, you want to maintain realistic expectations before moving forward.

If your child has a severe bite or alignment issue, their treatment plan might prove longer than expected. 

10. How Much Will This Cost?

Ask at least three clinics about the cost of their services to gauge the local average cost of prices. Determine if they offer financing options, too.

Double-check to determine if they accept your insurance (or if orthodontic treatment is covered under your policy) as well. 

Stunning Smiles: Find the Best Orthodontists Near Me Today

Searching for the best orthodontists near me can feel time-consuming without a plan. Instead, use these tips for a more effective search. Then, choose a professional you can trust.

With their help, you can improve your child’s smile in no time.

Eager to get started? We can’t wait to help. 

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