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Preventative Dental Care For Kids

"How do I keep my kid's teeth healthy?"

Regular oral care is not only important in maintaining a healthy smile but also to your child’s overall health. At Just 4 Kids Teeth we understand that good oral hygiene is an ongoing commitment and we are dedicated to supporting your child in all of their dental needs with our leading pediatric dentistry team. We deliver prenatal and perinatal counseling, cleanings, exams, fluoride, silver diamine fluoride and sealants.

By providing you with trusted information about preventative care, our team aims to empower your child to take control of their oral health and establish their dental home. Routine cleanings are a large part of developing good oral hygiene as they provide our dental team with the opportunity to examine your oral health and address growth issues or emerging infection in the early stages. Our team will work with you to develop recommendations for a care plan based on your child’s unique needs. Call us today to schedule a cleaning and exam with our team!


"Pediatric Teeth Whitening"

We know you are invested in your child's smile. The specialists at Just 4 Kids Teeth are committed to healthy and bright smiles. Our team will help you choose the appropriate whitening technique while minimizing sensitivity to young teeth.

Traditional Braces

"What are traditional braces?"

Orthodontic treatment provides your child with a healthy bite and beautiful smile. Our specialists are dedicated to the complete care of your child. Braces offer improved oral health, reduce injury to protruding teeth, improve coordination of jaw growth and tooth development and can improve one’s overall look and self-esteem. We take pride in using the latest technology to deliver the smile and oral health your child deserves!

Invisalign Pediatric Orthodontist in Hendersonville, TN

"The clear alternative to braces"

The clear alternative to traditional braces! We are pleased to offer Invisalign to our patients. The nearly invisible aligners are removable and allow your child to go about life with confidence, giving them a clear path to a beautiful smile. Invisalign uses a series of custom-made retainers called aligners to gradually straighten teeth. Underbites, overcrowding and gaps between teeth all can be addressed with Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are completely clear, smooth and removable. This means no irritation from metal braces, no off-limits foods and no interference with life!

Special Needs Dentistry

We are a special needs dentist

If you’re the parent of a child with disabilities, you’ll appreciate the support, skill and compassion you will find from our doctors. We are a premier pediatric dental practice in the greater Hendersonville area that specializes in treating special needs children. No matter what your child’s disability, we can handle every aspect of their dental care. We can help put your child on the path to a lifetime of good oral health with a care plan customized to fit their needs.

Nitrous Oxide & Conscious Sedation

We use the best anesthesia or sedation for your child's dental work

If the word "surgery" causes anxiety in you, don't worry. At Just 4 Kids Teeth, our goal is to reduce anxiety with a gentle touch, an empathetic demeanor and advanced training in sedation anesthesia. We are committed to giving our patients the most comfortable, professional and timely experience possible. Our dental surgery specialists provide everything from routine treatments, such as teeth extractions, to more complicated treatments, such as soft tissue surgical procedures. There are few dentists more qualified to expertly handle your child’s oral surgical needs than those of Just 4 Kids Teeth. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

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