A Parent’s Guide to Hendersonville Pediatric Dentistry

hendersonville pediatric dentistry

Is your child ready for a trip to the dentist? Having a children’s dentist is important during the early years of their lives. By their first birthday, you’ll want to have their first dentist appointment booked and ready to go. But how do you even begin to find the right Hendersonville pediatric dentistry for your child?

Finding one may seem like a big task, but if you have the right steps, finding a dental expert can be a breeze.

If you’re looking for the best pediatric dental office, read these steps on evaluating each one.

Do Your Research: Hendersonville Pediatric Dentistry vs Family Dentistry

It’s important to note that there are two different types of dental offices that treat children’s teeth, family dentists and pediatric dentists. Both types of dental offices can provide great quality, but they have different focuses, and you may favor one over the other.

Family Dentistry

Family dental practices provide an array of dental procedures. They offer these services to all ages and can be ideal for those that need a one-stop shop type of office for multiple family members.

Keep in mind that family dentists may not always see kid patients as often as pediatric dentists, and the environment may be a more standard, professional setting that’s not kid-friendly.

Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist spends more time in school to specialize in dentistry just for kids, so they are more familiar with children’s behaviors and temperament as they explore their teeth. All dental procedures they perform are prepped with smaller tools and equipment to be child safe.

Not to mention, their offices are all designed to cater to children. They include play areas, colorful environments, and dental chairs built for their little bodies.

Key Factors

Now that you’re aware of the difference, you can research key factors that pertain to specific Hendersonville locations. Some things to consider are:

  • The location of the office and the hours of availability
  • The insurances they take to cover visits and procedures
  • The mission statement they follow, which can be found on their site

Research which works best for you and your family, and proceed to the next step of checking reviews.

Read Reviews and Ask Other Parents

A good dental office will have proof of the standards they boast about. This proof can be in the form of online reviews, recommendations, and even word of mouth.

The best thing you can do is to ask other parents in the area about their experiences. You can ask how their child’s first appointment went, how they treated the children, the perks they offer, and how fast the services were for them.

You can also ask how friendly the office staff and dental assistants were.

Consider the children, and ask if their child felt any anxiety during the visit. Learn all you can and put it into a pros and cons list.

Then you can take to the internet and search up the offices to see what people say about their experiences in a broader sense. It would help if you filtered all reviews to see the worse reviews to the best reviews and everything in between.

Remember to check out more than one site for reviews in case one site is more biased than another.

Check Credentials and Qualifications

There are over 20 different pediatric dentists Nashville TN offers, but not all pediatric dentists are the same. Before you make the appointment, it’s especially important to check the dental office’s credentials and qualifications.

What accredited dental school did the dentist graduate from? How long ago?

You can choose to look for a dentist that promotes continued training to update their skills.

This is important because, while it’s reassuring to have a dental professional that has 15 years of experience, if they don’t update with the newest technologies of the industry, your child may be receiving techniques that are over a decade old.

A good dentist wants the best possible care for your child and understands that new techniques can reduce risks.

Lastly, make sure that each dental office you consider can show proof that they are board-certified from either the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry or the American Board of Orthodontics. If they cannot, you may not feel 100% safe entrusting them with your child.

Assess the Environment

The final step to choosing a dental office for your child is visiting it in person. By visiting, you’ll be able to see firsthand the interaction between the children and staff.

When walking into the office, ask yourself, is the office kid-friendly? How does your child feel when approaching? Is the waiting area designed to engage with children? This is essential if you want to keep your child calm before being seen.

Schedule a consultation to talk to the dentist and meet their staff. Ask about their thoughts on preventative care. It’s a good indicator of if their goals for your child’s dental health align with yours.

Having your child interact with the dentist as well can determine if it’s a good fit. You want your child to feel confident and safe.

It’s common to have a child that’s nervous about getting their teeth poked and prodded, and a good dentist will have great techniques to keep your child calm and engaged during the whole visit. A dentist who fails to do so may not be a good fit.

Once your consultations are completed, compare all your notes and contact the dental office that not only meets your standards, but goes above and beyond for your child.

Find the Right Dentist for Your Kids Today!

Finding a dentist for your child may seem daunting, but with these steps, you’ll be able to make the best decision that makes you and your child comfortable and confident. Just 4 Kids, a Hendersonville Pediatric Dentistry, wants to make sure you have the necessary knowledge to make the best choice for you and your family.

We offer an array of services for your children’s teeth, and we make it our mission to instill good dental hygiene skills they’ll remember well into adulthood.

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